Wednesday, January 2, 2019

This year the goal is to introduce as many of our FWI friends as we can! Kathy @daylily8546 has been so faithful and inspirational with our quotes! 🥰🥰 Hello friends ! I was kindly asked to write a bit about myself, how I came upon IG, and my favorite parts of FWI . I would love to share my story. 🥰🥰 I am Kathy, a 68 year old teacher. I taught full time ( K-2 ) from 1972-2011. I now work part time at my former school 2 days a week. I do love teaching, my co workers, the children, and close knit community. I actually have taught in the same area my entire career. I am married to George since 1990; it was my first marriage at age 48 . George is my photographer, master gardener, and patient partner in crime! One of our favorite activities are our daily walks. These walks lead me to discovering IG . On my doctor’s advice we began walking . My mother had recently passed away , and my doctor thought the exercise would “do me good.” It was May 2016 and the flowers in Virginia were blooming . George had a new iPhone and he took lots of photos. Hmm what to do with those photos? My friend told me about Instagram. ( cont ) 🥰🥰 I made my first post in May of 2016 and for a long time I posted flowers only from our walks . I eventually discovered my grandmother’s journal with many quotes she had recorded. I began to add those quotes to the flower posts. There were also many wonderful accounts that inspired me. If I try to name them all I would omit someone, but I am very grateful! I also soon realized that IG had many different types of accounts. I had so many items I had inherited from my family I found a place to display them on IG. Best of all ..I could share the stories that went with the vintage! I had always wanted to record family memories and now I had an avenue to do just that. A tribute to my family heritage was born .. at last . ~ My favorite part of IG and FWI is the sharing of ideas, the wonderful friendships, and witnessing all the creativity this talented group possess. It is such a privilege to be included. I would highly recommend this wonderful group of inspiring women! 🥰🥰 our quote:”Some cause happiness wherever they go!"-Oscar Wilde

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