Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Welcome to Tuesday Friends Who Inspire 02-5-2019 #fwi025 February Themes #fwiloveshearts #fwifrugalfebruary (thanks Sharon @sharonwarren7798 ) 🥰🥰 Our Feature today belongs to Susie @lookforthelovely She has graciously consented to lead our Health and wellness tours! If you find this you interest send her a DM so she can add you to our list!! Take it away Susie!! 🥰🥰 Hello Friends! My name is Susie Starr… yes, that is my real name! I jokingly say that I chose my husband just for his name! After 46 years of marriage… I’m glad I did! I am a Preacher’s Kid who grew up to be a Preacher’s Wife and together we raised two PKs of our own. We have nine amazing grandkids and life is full! 🥰🥰 👉🏻I am passionately committed to leaving a legacy of faith to the next generation! 👉🏻Our home is our haven…🏡 I love deep rich colors… ❤️ and red is my favorite! 👉🏻I teach dance to 3,4 and 5 year olds😀 And take a Tap Class once a week myself👯‍♀️ 👉🏻I teach voice and musical Theater And have played the part of Peter Pan twice in my adult life… and yes, I can fly🧚🏻‍♂️ 👉🏻 I am a ventriloquist and have traveled as a featured camp speaker and kids evangelist for 48 years🧳 👉🏻Health and Wellness is also my passion🥒🍎🥦🏃‍♀️ 👉🏻 Above all else I LOVE THE LORD AND HIS WORD🙌🏼 I joined IG as a way to stay connected to my older grandkids… 👀 Well… maybe stalk them 🤪 I never dreamed it would open up a whole new world of friendships and encouragement to my life! 😀OK… that’s enough about me… I want to get to know you😊 🥰🥰 Today, tell us one thing about yourself you would like for us to know! 🥰🥰 Our PS I Love you good Tour is still going on! Lots of great ideas!! 🥰🥰 Our quote of the day from Kathy @daylily8546 “We do not remember days we remember moments!”-unknown 🥰🥰 Continued prayers for our sweet friends and families! 🥰🥰 Until we meet again . . . . . #oils #health #fitnessmotivation #motivation #selfcare #plantbased #healthandwellness #healthylife #holistichealth #holistic #naturalliving #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthy #weightloss #chemicalfree #wellness #nutrition #organic #natural #aromatherapy #essentialoils

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