Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Welcome to Tuesday my Friends Who Inspire! 02-12-2019 #fwi0212 February Themes #fwiloveshearts and #fwifrugalfebruary πŸ’•❤️ Our special guest posts continue! Today Sharon @sharonwarren7798 gives us some wonderfully frugal ideas for a great Valentine’s Day! Welcome Sharon! πŸ’•❤️ “Finding creative ways to treat your Valentine, and stay true to #fwifrugalfebruary is as easy as one-two-three! Here are some ideas to get you started: feel free to share your own low-to-no cost ideas here for a Happy Valentines Day! . πŸ’•❤️ Get out your wedding album and make a big bowl of popcorn while you giggle and reminisce about the best day of your life! The kids might enjoy seeing these photos and hearing stories about your wedding too. Watch your wedding video together as a family or as a couple. Pass the Kleenex! πŸ’•❤️ Set the alarm a half hour early on Valentine’s Day morning, and have coffee in bed, to begin the day with just the two of you. Slip a little romantic note in hubby’s desk, on the computer or in the car so he will discover it on the way to work. Tell him one aspect of your relationship that you absolutely love. πŸ’•❤️ Cook your Valentine’s favorite dinner or dessert, even if it’s not your favorite. πŸ’•❤️ Send him a sweet text during the day letting him know that you are preparing something special for your Valentine! πŸ’•❤️ What are some creative, and cost saving ideas you have to share? πŸ’•❤️ Thank you so much Sharon! I’m really enjoying these great ideas! With a little effort it will be easy to make your Valentine feel very special! πŸ’•❤️ Question of the day: What are you doing to show your Valentine they are loved?” πŸ’•❤️ Our quote of the day from Kathy @daylily8546 “There is no remedy for love, except to love more.” Thoreau. πŸ’•❤️ Continued prayers for our sweet friends and families! πŸ’•❤️ Until we meet again! πŸ’•❤️ . . #crushinforvalentines #handmade #motivation #budget #frugalliving #valentineonabudget #homemadevalentinesdinner #homemadevalentinesdaydinner

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