Monday, March 11, 2019

Welcome to Monday Friends Who Inspire! 03-11-2019 #fwi0311 March Themes #fwifavoritefinds and #fwimakeitmarch . 📸Pinterest ☘️☘️ Frannie O’Flannery alias Lori @wvhollergal has lost her Irish cousin Lenny! It’s a sad bit o sadness that we MUST help Frannie solve! Here’s her plea! ☘️☘️ Attention: Missing Leprechaun Alert Height: 3'3" Weight: 65 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Green Last seen wearing a suede green tuxedo with green alligator boots, and carrying a green pot full of gold!! Goes by the name Leapy Lenny ☘️☘️ Arriving to the airport, I was excited to see my cousin Lenny, who was coming for a long overdue visit from Ireland. To my disappointment, Lenny couldn't be found. I know he's height restricted, so I continued looking for him after the crowd thinned. Still, no Lenny!! ☘️☘️ Checking my phone for a message, I found nothing. I decided to make a few calls; after all, I had a few friends who had voiced their own excitement to meet Lenny. ☘️☘️ My first call was to Finn Flynn alias Lynn @quakerhillfarm, she was overly interested in Lenny and his pot of gold. Of course, she knew nothing, but her voice sounded a little shaky - you know, nervous🤔. ☘️☘️ I then called Cathie Mahaffey alias @cathiescreativehome but no answer, and she always answers 😏. She had hopes of Lenny making her one of his intoxicating Irish drinks🍸. ☘️☘️ I had a few more calls to make, but decided to just go in person. I mean, face to face is always better, right? ☘️☘️ As I was leaving, I saw Sharon 0’ Shaughnessy alias @sharonwarren7798 driving wildly, like always⚠️, with a VAN FULL OF FRIENDS WHO INSPIRE (and if you're reading this you were in the van!!) ☘️☘️ My suspicion spiked!! Sharon had been thrilled with the aspect of having a new little lucky friend. Did she kidnap Lenny?? Poor boy, he's in for a wild ride, and probably medication🤯!! ☘️☘️ OH MY! Do help us find Leapy Lenny! Do tell us if you have seen him!! We have developed a missing leprechaun hotline right here! Just tell us if you have seen him in a comment below! No clue will be left unturned! Poor Lenny 😥#leprechaun #luckoftheirish #stpaddysday #irish #saintpatricksday #green #stpatrick #stpattysday #potofgold #writersblock

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