Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Welcome to Tuesday Friends Who Inspire! 03-12-2019! #fwi0312 March Themes #fwimakeitmarch and #fwifavoritefinds . ☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️ Our gorgeous pic today belongs to Christine @rusticfeatherstone ! What a beautiful way to start a Tuesday! If you don’t know Christine her account is definitely #onetofollow . ☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️ ✅ LEPRECHAUN ALERT CANCELLED✅ . Our friend Frannie O’Flannery alias Lori @wvhollergal asked for our help yesterday to find her missing cousin Lenny! We called in all of you to help us and oh my the sightings of Lenny ! He was one busy Leprechaun and pretty slippery too! Frannie finally called in her cousin, who happened to be a detective, Freddie Flynn O’Flannery Who solved the case! πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š . Seems Lenny did hide under the van of Sharon O’Shaughnessy (@Sharon warren7798) And was thrown out from under the bus oh, I mean van right into a man whole! Amazingly he still had his pot o gold! He climbed out and then caught a bus! He travelled the length and width of this country making countless stops along the way! Throwing a little gold dust here and there! While visiting Kathy @daylily8546 he couldn’t resist taking her beloved Titana Fairy Queen. They were running away and stopped over in Kansas at Suzanne’s @suzanne_zingg home where she put him on a plane to California! He ended up arriving at the home of Dee @cottagecomforts ! Bless Dee and her hubby Mark! They took Lenny in gave him some Irish breakfast tea and scones and Mark took him to the nearest Amtrak train! That’s where Freddie Flynn 0’Flannery found Him! What an adventure Little Leapy Lenny had yesterday!! Whew! I’m sure glad he was found! He is in Freddie’s custody if he doesn’t slip away again! (Thanks to Lori for another amazing adventure!! And...thanks to ALL OF YOU WHO helped to locate Lenny! Maybe Lori oh I mean Frannie will have that visit after all!! ☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️ The fun continues tonight right here on FWI with a Refresh Centerpiece tour lead by our own Laura @rea_stylenc ! If you are interested in doing future tours send Laura a DM! . πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š☘️πŸ’š . Our quote of the day from Kathy @daylily8546 “Everyone understands kindness!” .

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