Monday, April 29, 2019

Welcome to our Friends Who Inspire April Health and Wellness Tour🗝 It’s been said that , “mindset is everything!” Mindset isn’t a new topic… in fact, people have been talking about the power of mindset since ancient days! It seems that what was old is now new…the mindset movement is alive and well 🧠 And that’s why we have chosen to explore this topic with our friends who have some interesting and fun thoughts on this fascinating subject 🧠 We’re glad you have joined us… get ready to open your mind 🧠 . . Tick tock Tick tock! Time doesn’t stop for anyone! Time management is a struggle for me! I have books, journals watches, phones and all matters of helps! It’s a matter of making up my mind and just doing the next thing!! This post is as much for me as anyone!! So I’m just making my mind up and going to DO IT! . . 1. Block my time-set my alarm I’ve got many! 😂 2. Choose how I spend my time-make a list of things I need to do every day and how much time I want to spend 3. Set Goals for my time-Decide what I want to accomplish today, for the week, month and year! 4. Live my time to the fullest-Block time to have fun and connect with my family and friends 5. Be accountable for my time! Choose an accountability partner 6. Make a commitment to myself to use my time wisely-ask myself daily how did you do today? 7. Start my day with prayer and Bible study . . Does anyone out there struggle with balancing time like I do? Let me know and give me some ideas that help you!! Let’s manage our time wisely together!! . Be sure to check out each of our Tour Guides for more Mindset Tips 🧠 🗝Allora @reinventingmyselfandmyspace 🗝 Lynn @quakerhillfarm 🗝 Jenn @melthorn_manor 🗝 Joyce @rusticrosefarmhouse 🗝Aimee @aimeecarlson6 🗝 Susie @lookforthelovely Thanks for joining in on this journey… we are body, MIND, and soul 💪🧠❤️ Be sure to watch for the next @friendswhoinspire Tour! . . #goalsetting2019 #goalsettings #timematters #mindfulliving #mindfullivingcoach #timemanagementtips #timemanagement #liveyourlifeonpurpose #justdothenextthing #fwiinspires #lifegoalsinspirations #entrepreneurship #motivation

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