Sunday, May 5, 2019

🎶🌸We went to a Garden Party, to reminisce with some old friends. A chance to share some memories and post pretty pictures again! 🎶 When We got to the Garden Party, everyone knew our names but most didn’t recognize us cause without filters we don’t look the same🎶 But, its all right now, we’ve learned our lessons well. You see, we are friends who aim to inspire and we hope, we truly hope you will! (Come join us @friendswhoinspire) . 🌿🌺 Welcome!! I am the group leader for our garden parties and friendship Teas! Don’t they Marry well together?!! What fun it is to have a tea party and even better when it’s with friends or even by yourself in a beautiful garden setting !! If you would like to become a part of any of our groups just take a peek at go visit our friends listed below and what they lead! Send them a quick DM! We will be waiting!🤗 . 🌺🌿 To be included in future tours, reach out to a group leader for the theme that interests you! We’d be happy to have you along! ❤️ 🌿🌺 . . 🌿Olivia @oliviapitts1014 -Tablescape leader 🌿Susie @lookforthelovely -Health and Wellness Leader 🌿Cathie @cathiescreativehome -Room Decor Leader 🌿Allora @reinventingmyselfandmyspace -Room tours with a fun Twist Leader 🌿Suzanne @suzanne_zingg -DIY Leader 🌿Missy @pondycreekplace -Rae Dunn leader 🌿Lynn @quakerhillfarm - Gardening And Friendship Teas. . . #gardenpartyideas #gardenpartydecor #decorhashtagfeed #fwiinspires #decorposse #inspiringdecor #happydecorhour #tabletopdecor #cottagegardens #farmhouseinspired #cottagegardenstyle #gardenteaparty #friendshipteatime #inspiringdecor #porchgarden #porchgardens

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