Tuesday, June 18, 2019

🌺🌺 Beautiful Blossoms 🌺🌺 —————————————— “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” ~Buddha~ • 🌺 Friends, tonight some very wonderful and inspiring ladies from @friendswhoinspire and I would love to share some of our favorite flowers with you. Some might be in a pretty vase or on a tray & some might be growing outdoors. Wherever they are, I am sure that they will be truly beautiful and sure to please!😍 —————————————— A few weeks ago I had asked for ideas what to do with a ripped shopping bag. I loved the picture! So as to not waste it I made a flower porch pouch bag. Say that real fast!! Both sides hold blooms! I’m sure as the summer progress you will be seeing more of this bag! —————————————— **Please stop and visit each of the lovely ladies listed below. They will definitely inspire you! —————————————— 🌺 Friends Who Are Sharing🌺 —————————————— @reinventingmyselfandmyspace @bibiwitch @lavender_garden_lover @lovingthehomelife @peachtreedrive @pondycreekplace @princetonparklife @quakerhillfarm @shabbyqueen @sjpa48 —————————————— #transfer_visions #tv_living #ourclickdays #click_dynamic #still_life_gallery #macro_brillance #flower_daily #insta_pick_blossom #flowermagic #splendid_flowers #flowerstagram

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