Friday, June 14, 2019

It’s June!! The heat is on 😎 Life slows down 🚲 It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy 🍉 We are half way through the year😄 Do you remember those New Year’s resolutions you made🤔 Now is a good time for a check up… Are you still committed to being the healthiest and happiest YOU? Sometimes we just need to be reminded… and that what your Friends Who Inspire are for! 🌿Grab a cold glass of ice water💦 Sit down and relax as you scroll through this little Summer Check Up😊 I want to remind you today of how important it is to stay on track 🌿🌿 I talk about being healthy all the time, but honestly it’s a lot different when something happens personally! 🌿. I have been troubled with asthma for awhile and recently had an episode landing in the urgent care. The breathing was bad enough, but when they checked my blood pressure informed me I couldn’t go home until it came down! 160/120!! Yikes!! I’ve never taken any medications and this really has shaken me! 🌿 so fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m breathing much better and checking my b/p daily with a much better range but not perfect! 🌿. The Mayo Clinic has a great article on ways to help control your b/p naturally! Which is all I want. 🌿. So help keep me accountable! . 🌿(A biggie for me). Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline! (For a woman should not be over 35 inches) 🌿Exercise Regularly (30 minutes a Day) Gardening is a help! 🌿Eat a healthy diet ( more fruits and veggies on your plate!) 🌿 Reduce Sodium in your diet 🌿Cut Back on Caffeine ( A difficult one for me!) 🌿 Reduce Your Stress! Change Your expectations! I’m a type A anyone with🙋🏻‍♀️ me? (Another difficult one for me!) 🌿Monitor your Blood Pressure at home 🌿Get Support! (Let’s Encourage one another!) (I will add the link under linktr in bio) This scene is Quaker Hill Farm! Taking a walk to see the scenery is always so relaxing!! . 🌿 My friends have more amazing topics and tips on how to keep your health on track during summer! Check out… 🌿 Jen @melthorn_manor 🌺 Jeneva @jeneva_griffin 🏖 Susie @lookforthelovely #healthybloodpressure #healthyfood #healthandhappiness #walkforweightloss #fwiinspires

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