Thursday, June 8, 2017

Adding a Vintage Rustic look on the Front porch

I love the look of Rustic charm.  This summer I have started adding items from our old barn to create that look.  This old milk can was previously used on Quaker Hill Farm when my dad had lots of milk cows.  It has long since served its original purpose but now finds a renewed life on our porch.  I have wanted to find a topper for it for a long time.  This vintage clock was found just the other day at my favorite thrift store.  It now sits atop the milk can to create a rustic looking side table.  

The sticker on the clock said it needed to works, however, I just added a battery and cleaned it a bit and it still works perfectly!  It now is such a pleasant place to drink my morning coffee and listen to the birdies sing.  

It sits between two chippy red chairs.  Today with my coffee, I am having a piece of lemon blueberry bread.  Nothing like some sweetness with your morning brew!

Enjoy the beauty of the day! 

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