Friday, March 11, 2011

The Vanilla Project

Can't you just smell the wonderful aroma of vanilla.  Reminds me of sugar cookies, warm pound cake and baking days.  Our grandmothers would place a touch of vanilla behind their ears as a perfume.  It is a very soft feminine touch to do so.  I found several different recipes for making your own vanilla.  I made this a couple of weeks ago, and as you can tell it is starting to turn a very pretty amber color.  It takes approximately four to six months for the full strength, but it will be well worth the wait.  The following is the beginning stages of the bottle of vanilla.

I knew I had to try this since I love to bake.  Pure vanilla extract can be very costly, even at Aldi's. 
The recipe I used consists of the following:
1. 3 vanilla beans-Can be found in the spice isle of the grocery or online, such as
2.  1 and 1/2 cups of a good quality vodka
3. Pretty bottle with a secure lid  [I purchased a bottle at Walmart and then had a secure cap from another bottle, which I added.]
4. Split the vanilla beans lengthwise.  One recipe I viewed explained to split the beans, scrape out the seeds and then chop up the beans.  The recipe I chose simply split the pods and then they were dropped into the vodka. 
5.  Another recipe indicated to keep the bottle stored in a dark place but shake it daily to help distribute the seeds.  [I have used this suggestion]
6.  It takes approximately four to six months for the vanilla to become full strength.  I am already beginning to notice the liquid is becoming darker.  It really smells delicious already. 

I am placing a couple of links to other sites I have found the recipe.  One is a favorite blog site: Stonegable.  Please view here
Another is at Tammy recipes  please find the link here

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I am linking to Romantic homes show and tell with this post.  .

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