Friday, June 23, 2017


via Instagram I have used the double wash tubs as a great way to display decor and even as a sideboard to serve from. The cabinet on top was made from old barn wood from our barn. The farm is near to my heart!  Happy Friday.

Singing in the rain

via Instagram Singing 🎶 in the rain just 🎶 in the rain what a glorious feeling just 🎶 in the rain...we have had a happy little rain here at Quaker Hill Farm today! Is it raining where you are? Just singing and enjoying the rain drops here!  And...doing a little porch sittin. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Old Round barn

via Instagram  This historic old round barn lives just 2 miles down the Country road from me! I have grown up looking at this barn every time I travel to town. I believe it has three stories and used to house 🐔 In its day. Today as I was driving by the owner was mowing and I stopped and talked with him a bit. He told me several neighbors have used it as backgrounds for weddings and graduation pics. I can understand that. It is a beautiful structure yet to this day and feel very blessed to see it almost daily. I love ❤️ old barns and this one is no exception!  Happy Thursday

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cross Stitching Is in my Heart

via Instagram    I made this cross stitch piece many years ago from an old better homes and gardens magazine pattern. Still hangs on the wall in the kitchen!  Farm life at its best!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Saving Seeds has Paid off!

via Instagram Saving seeds was a project that I accomplished last fall now the benefits are starting to pay off. The marigolds are becoming quite prolific in the flower beds! Never hurts to be frugal! You can see the post in my blog under saving seeds by using the search engine. There is a free pattern on the blog to use for your own seeds! Have sweet dreams! #savingseeds #marigold #frugalliving #frugalliving #frugalgardening. You can find the link Here

Chasing the Early Morning Sun

The dawning of a brand new day.  What glorious beauty awaits you this day.  A flower is so profound.  It has no language barrier.  It speaks the same soft language to every person.  It becokons us to stop and take in its beauty and use our senses to delight in its fragrance. It speaks the language of love, peace, and joy.  Enjoy the awesome beauty of this day, this moment and this hour.

Enjoying a mid morning coffee break

via Instagram. I love mocha coffee!  I decided to make my own this morning and it pretty tasty!  Very simple recipe. 1 cup of hot coffee. 1 tablespoon cocoa. 1 tablespoon of sugar or sweetener of choice. 1 tablespoon creamer with a dash of cinnamon. You can find the vintage metal tray in my Etsy shop.   quakerhillfarm Have a great Monday!