Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Waste not Want Not recipe for berry jam

via Instagram Strawberry 🍓 blueberry jam for breakfast with some homemade 🍞bread. I had berries which were past their prime so made some jam with an old fashioned recipe from my mom's recipe box. No sure Gel needed. 4 cups fruit 5 cups sugar. 4 tablespoons lemon 🍋 juice. Mix the sugar with the fruit let set 3 hours. Boil rolling boil 8 minutes. Add lemon 🍋 juice boil another 2 minutes. Let set until cool then can or as I did place in a pretty decanter. Simple way to use up what you have without it going to waste. Also would make a sweet gift for a friend Pretty 😋. Have a fun filled and beautiful day!!

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