Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Uncommon Tea

I recently lost a cousin to a tragic bike accident.  He was in the prime of his life and left behind a wife and daughter.  He was a man of faith.  I am told his bible was worn as well as his devotional, "Living an Uncommon life."  It is said his bible was "so worn, read, and lived!"  What a tribute and legacy to leave behind.  

After learning this I have thought a lot about what an uncommon life looks like.  Do I have that kind of life?  Am I going to leave a legacy of faith behind me?  I don't want to follow the common path in this life, but one that is true to the Lord and at the end of it leave a legacy which points the way to our eternal home.  

I am using worn, tried and true things for my tea this afternoon.  I have a rather prim hand painted table that I use for a coffee table in my garden room.  This is the starting point to gather for tea.  It has been hand painted in an old seed catalog design. The grandmothers quilt reminds me of our family heritage.

As I gather things for the tea I am reminded of just how very blessed and thankful that I am.  Each piece represents a part of me.  The hob nob vase was my grandmother's.  The very old worn bible and glasses belonged to my great great grandmother.  The cup and saucer was my mother's.  

 Tea time is a great time for reflection.  The teapot reminds me of my kitties playing in my flowers.  As the things were gathered it was time to sit and sip my tea and think!

Each item has a special memory or meaning.

Please join me as I sip tea and nibble on a piece of home baked peach pie.  

The table is set and my reflection on the uncommon life has begun!

Many blessings to you today with an inspiration to also live an "uncommon life!"

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Maiah Harrison said...

"So worn, read and lived" I like that about your cousin's Bible. I try to make my Bible reading and study a regular habit too, my Bible will be as worn and as read as yours... what a great thing to do. Like you, I wish to leave a legacy of faith too. I am glad that we can have an interchange of encouragement. I like your posts, your blog is very warm and inviting. I will be sure to come back again :-)

quakerhillfarm said...

Thank you Maya for your kind words! Have a beautiful evening! Best Regards