Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding beauty in my day!

Finding beauty in everyday life.  It is a neccesity for our souls.  Beauty can be found in many places.  A hand stitched quilt, shelves lined with pretty scrapbook paper, and even jars of jam or canned fruit and vegetables from our garden.  Setting a pretty table can make our spirits soar.  A graceful and beautifully set table can be warmly beautiful, even if is only for yourself.  This year I want to use what is in my hand and find beauty in each day. I have had these rosey red chintz dishes in my hutch for awhile and decided this would be a great way to perk up my day.  I have had sugar cookie dough left since Sunday and wanted to try my hand at decorating the little sugar cookie teapots.   A one of a kind sherbert dish makes a great holder for a pretty candle.  Our home can remind us of who we are and what we love.  This is a small tablescape for my afternoon tea, but hopefully it reflects who I am and the beauty that speaks to me.       

I am linking to my first post with Tablescape Thursday.  Let's enjoy the beauty of the day together!

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