Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bountiful Blessings: Day Two

A good day to you!  The tale of the cucumbers continues...In the previous post it was described how to prepare the cucumbers to make Lime pickles.  Today I will show you how I prepared for the next step.  The cucumbers were in the lime bath for 24 hours.  They were then removed and rinsed under running water until the lime was washed off.  They are very crisp at this point!

I gathered the ingredients and my crocks.  It is important NOT to place the cucumbers and solution in an aluminum pan.  I am using the recipe from  You can see the recipe here.  

You will need the following to make 1 batch of pickles:
1.  One tablespoon of salt
2.  One teaspoon of whole cloves
3.  Four and 1/2 pounds of white sugar
4.  Two quarts of white vinegar
5.  One teaspoon of celery seed
6.  One teaspoon of pickling spice.  
Let the sugar dissolve and then pour over the cucumbers.  

Day 2 is just about completed!!  The final step for day two is to let the cucumbers stay in the vinegar solution overnight....then Day 3 will arrive and the canning adventure starts!

See you on day 3!  Have a great day!
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