Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summers Last Stand-Last Beautiful Blooms!

Today it is Sunday and it has been a gorgeous day!  We had a very cool night last night and then the temperature was in the low 70's for a daytime high!  What a blessing!  Our flowers seem to shout that they LOVE this weather!  They have the most beautiful colors.  It seems that is the way it usually happens right before the end of the season and the first frost.  It is as if they understand that their days are numbered and they want to display all of their beauty!  The rich reds, purples, and pinks are very beautiful to behold!  As the sun starts to travel its path to sunset it shines most gloriously and the flowers seem to glisten and seem so happy!

The landscape is starting to change.  The bean field across the road is turning a golden brown. It will not be long before harvest is in full swing.

The butterflies and the bees continue to diligently gather their nectar.  They seem oblivious to the near approaching colder temperatures when their work will be done!

The sky was picture perfect!  The most beautiful azure blue with wispy white clouds above!

 I still love to sit on the front porch and enjoy the beauty!  Soon it will be but a memory!

The Marigolds continue to show their brilliant orange colors!

 The Russian sage is starting to fade somewhat, but contrasted with the rose it provides great serenity!

 The Pitcher pump fountain has provided a soft comforting sound all summer.  It continuously trickles into the homemade fountain.  We had to have a tree cut down and the stump was hollowed on the inside.  We placed a large flower pot in the center of the stump and then added the pitcher pump.  

This last pic is at the beginning of the summer.  You can see how much growth and change there has been, but it is a better picture of the fountain!

 Watching the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds work are a good reminder to me that I should continue to work and gather until the frost comes!  There is certainly much to do.  The last produce from the garden needs to be harvested, weeds pulled from the flower beds, and pruning of dead branches.

I have plans of making apple butter, peach jam, and cucumber bread!  (My daughter-in-law made cucumber bread and it was delicious!)  I have not tried it yet, but still have a few cucumbers to use.  

I trust my hands will not be idle and that I will gather as the Autumn approaches.  Wishing you a productive and beautiful new beginning of Autumn, but keep those memories alive of summers last beautiful blooms!  

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