Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Garden Room: Ode to the Olde Pitcher Pump!

I am enamored with old farm well pumps!  I wanted something unique for our garden room.  A pitcher farm pump seemed that it might work as a fountain.  SOOO we decided to give it a try!

The one I found was in a local "junk" store quite a long time ago.  It is rusty and quite neat looking.  We have a three sided window on one side of the garden room with bricks laying on top of the floor.  This naturally lent itself to incorporating what I had envisioned as an inside garden path.

After deciding how to make the fountain it was time to put the old pump to work once again!
I scoured a few antique shops and found this little drop leaf soft creamy butter yellow table.  It fit perfectly under one of the smaller side windows.  The table is very chippy paint, so I don't let the grand kids get too close!  

A friend cut a round hole in the center of the table with his jigsaw.  I had him make the hole a little smaller than the blue enamel bowl.  The bowl then fit perfectly down inside the hole!  The pump was fitted with the plastic hose going from the underneath side up through the spout.  The other end of the hose was attached to the pump.  I tried running the water through the pump into the bowl, but it did splash a bit.  Then the thought occurred that a pitcher inside the bowl might help and it did!  Yeah!  Now the water runs out of the pump in a sweet steady stream.  It makes such a soothing soft sound.

The table looked pretty bare.  A friend had given me a small grapevine tree.  I added some soft roses (my favorite flower) and vine.  I also had found a sweet little light with a soft rose stained glass shade.  It casts such a sweet glow on the table!  A few other trinkets and it was ready for enjoyment!

If I want a change from the grapevine tree I had painted an old watering can.  It also lends a soft glow to the table.  It came from my family farm many years ago.  Now has found a new life!

I love to sit in this room at night.  The room has such a sweet soft glow and the sound of the trickling water helps me to relax.  Re-purposing well loved and found objects is a true passion of mine!  

As you can see I like to collect many things!  On the old brick floor are three copper teakettles and books.  

Trust you enjoy finding a renewed purpose for some of your well loved things!  Blessings this day from Quaker Hill Farm!

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Stephanie said...

Oh, how lovely! You are indeed talented, my friend, and what a joy to repurpose something that has been in your family for so long.

It's a joy to have you share your beautiful posts with Roses of Inspiration. Have a wonderful day!

quakerhillfarm said...

Thank you Stephanie! So glad I found your site! Truly an inspiration and honoring to our Lord!

Sandi Magle said...

Sweet collection of vintage goodies. I love the color and vibrancy of your assortment, and my gosh, love the copper pots on the floor. Really pretty, and with the wonderful sound of a fountain going in the summer.

quakerhillfarm said...

Thank you! Blessings this day!