Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding a time for Beauty, Solace, and refreshment

Thanks to our oldest son and his wife, my husband and I had a great opportunity for a time of rest and relaxation.  We were afforded a beautiful place to stay and enjoy the beauty of Florida.  We were able to escape some of the winter's harsh weather.  It was fun to plan our days over a cup of pink lemonade and pound cake.  (My husband is not a tea drinker)

We visited some beautiful areas in Marco Island, Naples, and Sanibel Island.  Even away from home I found that creating a time of beauty for my husband and myself was important, and what inspiration there is in this beautiful area.

It is so hard to believe it is February.

Our sweet daughter in-law had found the cute mugs and a beautiful lime green pitcher was peeking out of a shelf in the kitchen.  Filled with pink lemonade, it seemed to fit right in with the natural beauty of the area.   During a quick trip to a nearby grocery, I found some sweet white daisies.  A cute flamingo glass held them very nicely.  Pretty napkins by Waverly seemed to tie everything together.  One day we just spent the entire day at home-just resting.  I remembered a great pound cake recipe my good friend had given me and made that for a treat.  Even on vacation beauty can be found and created to satisfy!  Trust you also will be able to find that place of solace! 

The last pics are two of the most beautiful sunsets!  We hated to leave this beautiful place, but will take many great memories home with us! 

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