Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Using dishes in unusual ways! Plus a Fall Curtain tieback

I have been playing with dishes in the garden room the last few days making a pretty tiered tray for a challenge on Instagram.  if you can slip over to instagram.com/quakerhillfarm this Thursday to see what my friends have come up with!

Along with making this space pretty, the window curtain was changed and a new tieback made.  A tussie Mussie in pretty fall colors was used to tie this cottage filmy white curtain in place.  The best part was finding an idea using a large canning jar lid to push the curtain through.  Then it was easy to put a cup hook on the wall and attach the curtain ring and tussie mussie. 

What fun it has been to create this pretty tiered tray from thrift find dishes and glasses.  Also, a few pretty pumpkins never hurt!  Simply choose your size of plates you want and glassware then stack them on top of each other until it pleases your eye!  
Quaker Hill Farm on Instagram look for all of my friends this coming Thursday!

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