Monday, October 12, 2015

A Most Lovely Teacup Gift Box!

Hello Dear Friends! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning a couple of weeks ago!  I participated in the Teacup and Mug exchange hosted by Sweet Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose.  She has been a great encourager.  Her thoughtfulness of placing the exchange partners was unbelievable!  I feel as though I have made four new friends.  I can only imagine the work that went into making the exchange a success.  
I love both teacups and mugs.  I could not decide which one I wanted to exchange most so participated in both.  It was such a blessing!  
My beautiful teacup gift box that I received was such a delight!  When I opened the box it was full of beautiful colors of papers.  Nora of Teacup Tales had carefully packed each gift and it was truly beautiful.  
Her handwritten calligraphy card is one I will treasure forever. I have never seen such beautiful penmanship.  In itself it was truly a work of art!  
The teacup and saucer is a Royal Tubor Bouquet design made in England by Grindley.  It is in my very favorite color of red!  A sweet floral design graces the teacup and saucer.  It is so sweet I just love it!  

In addition to the lovely teacup and saucer I found in the gift box some heavenly Helvetia Lavender Tea.  It smells and tastes wonderful!  Sweet dreams for sure.  It has a blend of rooibos, lavender and mint. 

Besides tea, I also love coffee. Nora knew what I liked!  She sent a bag of Mocha coffee from Starbucks, I feel like a queen.  A lovely box of teacup notes and a Cheery Cherry notepad!  WOW I am truly blessed!  

Nora has a lovely blog.  Her knowledge of taking tea and tea related events is remarkable.  Her post about the Moon Festival was particularly enjoyable.  She has very beautiful Bone China tea items which you will see in her posts. Nora and I have had communication since the box arrived.  I have gained a new friend all because of TEA!  Thank you again Nora!  You made my day!  

Stephanie introduced me to my Teacup exchange partner with an email telling of her favorite things in life.  It was so much fun to put together a box related to what she had expressed in her get acquainted details.  I learned she loved the color purple and yellow roses.  She loves Darjeeling Tea.  Among what she listed, she is the Queen of a Red Hat group and loves the seaside.  Given these details it was fun to see how the box would come together.  We also have had communication since she received the box.  It was a lot of fun to learn to know her and again feel as if I have gained a friend through TEA!  

Once again, hats off to Stephanie for providing this way to meet new people and develop friendships!  A Big Thanks!  

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