Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Autumn Potpourri~The wonderful Scent of Fall

If you have never read Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth you have missed a real treat.  Jes's blog has all kinds of practical information for the home and lots of graphics.  She has most recently written an E-book.  If you are a waste not want not sort of person this E-book is for you.  

Jes has written a beautifully illustrated 100+DIY Projects to make with fruit scraps E-book.  She has gorgeous photos and illustrations.  I had made an apple crisp for our evening meal on Saturday and wanted to try my hand at the Autumn potpourri recipe. She also has included graphics which can be printed and used with your project. 
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I saved the apple peelings and let my dehydrator do the rest.  You can also let the peelings air dry or place them in the oven on low heat (200 degrees) to dry them.  Mine still had good color when they were dry.

Wonderful everyday kitchen spices were added to the dried apple peelings.

I just love the graphic that was with this recipe.  It is truly the essence of fall!  It gives the directions of how to use the potpourri!

I found a vintage glass canning jar with a glass lid that was perfect for this project.  An air-tight container is needed to keep the potpourri fresh after it is made.

The recipe was enough to fill this jar and a recycled jelly jar.  That was another suggestion in the recipe. I simply took off the labels, cleaned it well, painted the lid, added the graphic and filled it with the potpourri!

Here is the jar all dressed up for a hostess gift! It is full of the potpourri!  And oh my, the aroma is wonderful!

I am certainly looking forward to making many more of her recipes!  They will make wonderful Christmas gifts with frugality in mind!  There is also a link on my side-bar to go to Jes's site!  

100 DIY Projects to Make w/Fruit Scraps

Thanks so very much for looking!  I know you will enjoy this book.  It is very reasonably priced with tons of ideas and information.

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