Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mason Jar Light-A Fall make Do

As I was deciding how to decorate our old pine table in the kitchen I decided I wanted a new lamp designed for fall.  I did not want to spend any money so started searching for what I had on hand.  The thought occurred that a mason jar would make a neat base for a light but I did not want it clear.  I decided to swirl some paint in the jar to see how it would look and this is how it turned out.
I started by gathering the supplies I thought I would need.

When I was cleaning out a cabinet I found this neat candle holder with the center of the base just perfect to sit the mason jar.  The holder was one which was made when my son was making pottery.  It is made from red ware clay.  I believe if memory serves me correctly his wife, my daughter -in -law, cut it out and designed it.  

I chose a brick color paint and then a creamy tan color for the inside of the jar.

I started by adding paint to the bottom of the jar with just a smidgen of water.  Then start swirling it around inside the jar until it is covered.  

Next add your second color and swirl it around the jar.  It is pretty neat the way it looks with the second color added.  Place a ring and lid on top of the jar and turn it tightly.  Turn the jar upside down to let the paint do its thing!

After it is coated well with the paint.  Turn it upside down on a paper towel with plastic underneath to help let the excess paint run out.  When it has stopped coming out turn the jar upright and let it dry.  Depending upon the day it took about 2 hours for it to totally dry.  

Gather your supplies for how you want to decorate the jar.  I did not want to make this a permanent light so I did not use a lot of glue.  I had on hands silks from another project and a candle lamp.  I also had some pretty silicone light bulbs which match the paint pretty well.  You will also need tissue paper and a paper bag or other firm packing material to place in the light.

This is what I came up with for the lamp-minus the brighter colored leaves.  The candle lamp had been used in another light project.  On the bottom of this there was a paper sack wadded up and glued to the bottom to help with stabilization of the light inside the jar.  

Wad up the paper sack and gently push it into the bottom of the jar so as not to knock the paint off of the inside of the jar.  I then placed some contrasting color tissue paper on top of the paper bag.  This comes through the jar ever so slightly to give it more of a fall flavor.  

Determine the height that you want your light and add more or less paper to the inside of the jar.  

Paint the jar ring a contrasting color.  In this case I painted it an ivy green color.

Start adding your flowers or leaves etc inside the jar ring.  Make the arrangement pleasing to your eye.  

 I added some faux leaves around the base.  I placed it on the plain pine table to start with.

I liked this look but also wanted to try it on the fall color quilt.

It does give it a different look.  Also added a candle in the shape of a fall leaf which also was on hand.  

If I would do this again probably would try some enamel type paint to see if this helps to adhere to the jar a little better.  Still overall pretty pleased with the way it looks on the table and it has a very soft glow at night.  

Thanks for looking and trust you can use what is in your hand to create something pretty for your home!  Blessings, Lynn

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