Monday, June 27, 2016

Simplify and Bloom where you are Planted!

I am on a quest to simplify my life.   Time management, things management, home management, money management, etc. etc.  How quickly things get out of control.  When  I look back I have to wonder how I ever managed to get anything done when I was working outside of our home.  I guess it might have been called being younger!

Many years ago I purchased a book by Emilie Barnes, titled "More Hours in My Day."   Many years have come and gone since I first obtained this book, but oh my such good advice and practical helps it does have.  SOOO I have decided that once again I need to re-read it and simplify my life.  The first step she suggests is to ring the doorbell and enter your home as if this was your first time you ever saw it.  Open the first closet and dig in!  Have three bags labeled, give away, throw away, and put away.   She suggests even having a friend help you if there are things you are really attached to.  Starting this week, I will enter my home with new eyes and open that awful closet door!  I will try to be ruthless!

Another piece of advice is to set a timer for 15 minutes and then work like crazy during that time to clean.  I have 24 hours in my day, so surely can find 15 minutes to start cleaning a closet.  
The quest is ON for a simplified and organized home!  My plan is to take before and after will be embarrassing, I have no doubt, but hopefully will keep me accountable and who knows I might even find some treasure along the way. 
I am pretty sure my assistant will not really tell how embarrassed I am!  Miss Ella Bella will be beside me the entire way, urging me on to be ruthless!

She looks a little sleepy in this pic, but once we get started she will dig right in there!  

Another piece of great advice that a friend gave me was to put my roots down no matter where I am.  We have started to winter in Florida since I left nursing, so the shift between the two places has been at times a little perplexing.  I like to think of that piece of advice as to "Bloom where you are planted."  The analogy of beautiful blooms and my life makes me smile.  As I was working in the flower and vegetable garden this morning I found some beautiful blooms!  I do really want my life to bloom wherever I am planted!


The First blackberries

So, my plan is to simply simplify, clean out, and bloom where I am planted!  Have a beautiful day!

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