Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Old Roses and Pumpkins

"Next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless, remain that way.  Say nothing and listen as heaven whispers, 'Do you like it?  I did it just for you."...Max Lucado

What beauty can one find in a vintage bottle, long forgotten, and faded roses? 

I was on a quest to see if I could find out.
I had not really painted much this summer and I have missed doing so. This particular bottle seemed to fit what I had in mind to paint.
Pumpkins and old roses.  Both are unique and quite the contrast.  Roses are naturally soft in color and quite beautiful while this gourd or a pumpkin is bold and bright.  This fellow has many a bump on him too!

The contrast is kind of like life.  Faded beautiful memories and bumps along the road, but when you look at all of them together it becomes a beautiful picture.

"You don't always need a plan.  Sometimes you need to just breathe, trust, let go and see what happens."..Mandy Hale.  My original plan certainly, in my minds eye, did not exactly match how this turned out.  Kind of one of those bumps along the road.

There were many things that I should have done, but today I  took the time to do what made my soul happy!

The Cornfields are fading and soon will be harvested.  It appears it will be a bountiful crop.

So, what does one do with faded roses and gourds?  Enjoy their beauty and try to preserve it with pictures and words.

The sun is setting as it fades in the western sky.  It has been a good day.  A day to reflect, paint, and enjoy the beauty of God's creation, and the bumps along the road.  

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