Friday, September 16, 2016

The Mosaic of Autumn and a White Pumpkin

"Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolor, Summer an oil painting, and Autumn a mosaic of them all."...Stanley Horowitz

This quote is a beautiful word picture depicting all the seasons.

Each season is an array of colors just like a box of crayons and truly autumn is a mosaic of all those colors.
It is no secret that I love beautiful colors but I am learning to love the clean wintry feel of white pumpkins. It is a thoughtful transition from fall to winter. White would certainly be included in a mosaic.  It is definitely a dramatic color when paired with others.  To help celebrate this mosaic a simple but elegant white pumpkin was created using a piece of lace, tissue paper, and ribbon.  

A circle 26 inches in diameter was cut from the lace.  A simple gathering stitch around the perimeter of the lace was made.  Tack one end and then draw up the lace leaving an opening.

  For this pumpkin, white tissue paper was crunched and placed inside the opening of the pumpkin.  Stuff with enough tissue paper and shape in the form of a ball until satisfied with the shape and fullness.  I used about 1 package. (You can make whatever diameter of pumpkin you desire)

Draw the opening closed with the thread and tie off.  

I used a beige color ribbon and cut each strip long enough to go around the pumpkin. Tie the ribbon from the bottom to the top drawing in the fabric as you tie, so that it looks like the sides of a pumpkin.  Space the ribbon around the pumpkin from bottom to top until the sides please your eye.  With all of the ribbon ends now sitting on top of the pumpkin, add a bouquet of soft flowers.  For mine, I had found the soft mums at the dollar store.  In this vignette, I have also used the pumpkin as a holder for the sweet little dish.  

This is a very simple way to make a very elegant looking pumpkin.  Of course one can use any color so desired.  Those beautiful velvet fabrics would be wonderful also.  If lace is used a soft color tissue paper would also be pretty.   

We are serving a soft autumn tea using these beautiful mosaic colors.  A white pumpkin, porcelain with soft roses, and velvet leaves in magenta, rosy pinks, and soft greens.  

Even a copper pumpkin and gold ribbon found their way into our mosaic mix.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the beautiful mosaic of Autumn color!

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