Friday, January 13, 2017

The Winter Moon

"I will always care for you, even if we are not together and even if we are far far away from each other."  This beautiful moon speaks this thought to me!  My hubby and I were apart for about a week due to the passing of an Auntie, and I must admit it was a very lonely time, but it was a great time for reflection. 
It is winter!  It is so still and so very quiet this beautiful night.  The sky unfolds with colors of gray blue and whispers of white clouds.  In the middle of it all, glimmers this beautiful silver winter moon.   

The moon casts a glimmery shadow around itself.  It is so bright a flashlight is not needed to find the path.  

It is such a wonderous concept to realize that this same moon that shines in this spot also shines with the same intensity and beauty thousands of miles away.  Another looks into the sky and sees the same moon with the same beautiful loveliness.

Dimly lit street lights shine over the walking bridge. 

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My Love this beautiful night!

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