Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winner of a Beautiful Elliott-Heath Pillow!

I was so very fortunate to win this beautiful Elliott-Heath Pillow from Judith at a Botanic Bleu give away!   You can visit the Elliott-Heath site here and visit Judith's lovely blog above!  There are so many designs to choose from and this sweet Valentine's pillow is one of many examples.  I absolutely love pillows and this one is just beautiful.  It is so very well made in an envelope style. I simply added a pillow form and it is perfect!

A very special thank you to Judith and Heather for making my day!
 I tried it in two different chairs.  The first is sitting in our dining area and the second in the living room.

The detail is wonderful and the pillow is extremely well made.  I am sure I will be ordering more!

Once again thank you!  Please visit these lovely ladies sites.  I know they would welcome your visit!

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