Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Little DIY Wire Cloche

How has your summer been?  Mine has extremely busy with gardening and family.  I did have a bit of time to make a cute little DIY wire cloche!  It was really a necessity.  The rabbits had really been liking my plants so I made several of these little guys to keep them from eating them all!

After the plants were big enough they were taken off.  They just looked so cute, so a few little trinkets were added and now TA DA a little wire cloche is the perfect addition with a rusty tin pan and cabinet handle.  What wondrous thing gorilla glue is of course unless you get it on your hands like I did!   

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 Keep smiling and come say Hi!  

Tip of the day:  Don't throw away those old juice cans!  Cut the top out and fill them with beautiful blooms from your garden or the grocery store!  These cans last forever!

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