Friday, October 28, 2016

Making a Seed Packet ~Saving Garden Seeds

Packet flower seeds and especially greenhouse plants can add up to big costs in a hurry.  Collecting seeds in the fall is one of those thrifty and, dare I say, fun things to do.  Planning now for spring can reap great rewards.  

These crisp fall days, I have been collecting seeds from my flowers for next spring's planting.

The zinnias, marigolds, and cone flowers (echinacea) have been especially beautiful this summer and fall.

It only takes a few minutes to shake seeds from the dried and overly spent flowers.  Fall is such a lovely time to be outside and create this activity.  You will have a lovely start for next year by doing so. 

I simply love flowers! This is this gal's way of saving some money but also creating a little beauty along the way.

Not only did I want to save the seeds but I wanted a pretty package in which to save them. 

This envelope template is perfect for that endeavor.

Flap three is folded down first.  Then fold flap one over the back and using a glue stick glue it on top of flap three.  Next fold flap four up over flap # one.  This forms the envelope.  After you have filled it with your seeds, fold flap # two down and tape the envelope shut.

There are just tons of possibilities in using this template.  I had wanted to try painting one to look like a vintage seed packet.

It went from this:

To this:

To this:

To make the other envelopes, an old calendar and free printables from Pinterest were used to create them.

Creating one of these cuties is so much fun.  I could even see a brown paper bag with stickers or whatever your imagination comes up with used to decorate it.  It would also be a great activity for children and grand kiddos.

The above is a scanned image of the template.  I trust if you would like to try your own it will print for you.  

I trust this has been an inspiration to save some money by collecting the spent flowers for seeds and has also given some ideas for creating a pretty envelope to place them!  
Happy creating and gardening!.

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