Monday, February 7, 2011

A Breakfast in Bed Tea for the One I Love~Happy Valentines Day

I plan to treat my husband to a special Breakfast Tea (rather coffee) this week-end.  What a special way to say "I Love You!"  I don't think you can ever say it too often.  He is the most important person in my life, so why should I reserve my pampering for guests only. 

My husband is a coffee drinker.  I haven't convinced him of the fine art of Tea.  No matter, coffee does really smell wonderful!  I found these beautiful roses at Aldi's on my way home from work this eve.  They really compliment the colors.  The menu will include fresh warm banana bread, slathered with butter and fresh fruit.   I want to awaken him, fluff his pillows and tell him how much he means to me.

Since one of my goal's this year is to "use what is in my hand," I looked through my lace and found this pretty lace doily.  There were pieces of fabric left from my valentine's sewing.  It seemed there was enough to make a tea (Or in this case coffee) cozy.  There was just enough fabric for a matching napkin. 
My mother-in-law had given me the tea set a few years ago as a birthday gift.  She knows I love red!  This set seemed to fit the occasion. 
The plan will be to awaken my husband with a beautiful breakfast tray to say how much he really means to me.  I tell him, but I also need to show him just how much!  Happy Valentine's day!
Our song is Cherished.  We have now been married almost 43 years and this song still holds precious memories of first love. 

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