Friday, February 4, 2011

The Farmhouse Garden Gate

Our Guest bedroom is home to the garden gate which was at the  home where I was raised.  It reminds me of beautiful flowers, chickens, and my mother working in the garden.  It now greets guests in our guest bedroom.  Hospitality a word that conjures many ideas.  Since we have an empty nest, our extra bedroom has been designed as a place of retreat for family and guests.  I want my family and friends to feel very special when they come to our home-with a pretty and comfortable place to spend the night. 

The bedroom is small but adequate.  Simple lace curtains hang at the window.  The full size bed is one my husband bought us when we were first married.  It served us well for many years until we decided a queen size bed would be better.  I painted the bed white then hand painted roses on the headboard and footboard.

There is a sweet welcome wreath on the garden gate.  It sets below a dreamy painted arbor and home scene.  A bed tray with tea set is ready to be filled at a moments notice.  The dresser is home to a reverse painted lamp shade, which I painted.

Then comes the quilts!  I love old quilts or new ones for that matter.  They are displayed in the corner of the room on top of an old trunk.  Two of the dollies I have made have a special soft seat.

On the opposite wall sits the old amoire that came from my mother's home. It also holds special memories for me.  I try to fill my home with the things I love and have special meaning and trust those that come under our roof will feel welcome!  Have a beautiful and romantic day!

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Susan said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the lace, the dolls, quilts. So beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful.I really loved the guest bedroom.All the flowers, the lace, everything!!