Saturday, May 7, 2011

~Aunt Jessie's Apron~

The Lord so very often blesses us at the most unexpected times!  We have been practicing a special for Mother's day at Church.  A good friend is going to sing "My Mother's Checkered Apron."  She happened to bring an apron to practice the other day to wear when she sings, and I just about fell over.  The pattern was very similar to one I have been looking at on-line for a VERY long time.  The story of this apron is so neat!  It belonged to her Aunt Jessie.  She believes the apron is probably about 100 years old.  She had NO idea I had been looking at one made very similarly.  Bless her heart, she allowed me to make a pattern from this dear apron.  I immediately went to work to depict the song we will be singing for Mother's day.  The apron just needed a great big garden hat.  I found a white sun hat at Wal-mart.  I removed the beads and added my own touch. 

My friend just does NOT know how much she has been used in my life as a blessing!  A few years ago, I had been praying about a dress form.  I had wanted one for a very long time.  And wouldn't you know this same friend asked me one day if I would like to have an old dress form!  What surprises and blessings the Lord brings into our lives!  Trust you have enjoyed the story of Aunt Jessie's Apron.  Have a very Happy Mother's day!
I have taken the dress form and the apron with Garden Hat for Mother's day at Church.  Our pastor's wife suggested that maybe mothers and daughters might want to have their picture taken with A replica of Aunt Jessie's apron! 

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carlota said...

love it!

Stephanie said...

It's so pretty! I love it all, the hat, the dress form and most of all the stories about Aunt Jess and wanting something only to have it appear. Life is pretty amazing!

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