Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tea Hat and Friends

In my last post I described the blessing I had when a good friend allowed me to make a pattern from a 100 year old apron.  The apron just called for a tea Hat and this is how it turned out. It is poised and ready to great guests for an afternoon Mother's day tea.  Please join me! 

I made a cinnamon strudel cake for Mother's day, and it certainly goes well when sipping a piping hot cup of tea. 

My mother has passed, but I have great friends who are there for me!   Have a blessed week!
Happy Mother's day gals!  Aunt Jessie's Tea Hat and apron were on display at Church for Mother's day.

I am the one in the pink sweater.

Please join me for Tea With Sandi!  Thanks for joining me for tea!

I am also linking to a Stroll Thru Life with this post.

Tea Time Tuesday

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