Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cheesecloth Wreath~Aqua and Coral

I am continuing to make items for the Ladies retreat, which will be this weekend.  Following the Oasis in the Desert theme has been a lot of fun.  For another pop of color,  I wanted to make custom dyed wreaths using cheesecloth.  
Cheesecloth is such a great medium.  It dyes to a beautiful soft color and the shades become variegated as it dries. 


There are several methods for dyeing the cheesecloth.  Many sites show using cool-aid to dye the fabric.  This would work well if it is being used for the wraps for baby pics.  Of course the old stand by of Rit dye, but that is pretty time consuming.  The method I chose was to add a few drops of latex paint, in the color desired, to a gallon of water. A length of cheesecloth was dipped into the bath and then hung to dry.  It was a little stiff at first but 
then became much softer as it was handled.  

The cheesecloth was rolled into a rosette and then stitched on the underneath side as it was rolled.

A bit of greenery was added and a coral burlap ribbon for a banner.  Each will be placed on a wreath hanger over the door. 

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