Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oasis in the Desert~Succulent Palm Planter

I was asked to help provide some decorations for an upcoming event.  The theme is called an Oasis in the Desert.  I have thought much about what I might contribute but keep the costs minimal.  In our home away from home there is an abundance of Palm Trees.  On my walks I often find bark which has fallen from the tree.  One end of the bark is scooped out and will hold soil.  Succulents seemed to fit with the theme so the plan was to put both together.

The first step was to paint the back side of the bark with an aqua blue paint~hence the oasis part of the theme.

The back of the bark is quite smooth and the paint went on very well.  

The local home depot had trays of succulent plants in a small size.  There were 16 plants in the tray.  I needed to make four planters so this was just the right amount.  Begonias were also purchased in a rich red color for a great pop.

I still may get some pebbles to place on top of the soil to make it look more finished.  There is about 3 weeks before the event so I am hopeful they will get a good start before that time.  It is always so much fun to look for the unusual and to to use what is in my hand.  I had the paint left over from the recent hutch project.  Succulents do not require a lot of watering and do not like their roots wet so I do trust this experiment will work!

I am also hopeful that this will fit in with the theme of the event....

It will be interesting to see how they will do over the next few weeks, but for now they look pretty next to the garden bed.

Thanks for looking and have a beautiful week!
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