Monday, July 25, 2016

I'LL Fly away~Oh Glory!

I am in total awe of what the Lord allowed me to photograph this afternoon!  As I was walking to the mailbox, I noticed the butterfly bush is in full bloom.  I thought maybe I might be able to capture some butterflies, but had NO idea I would be able to capture the following beauty!  It reminded me of the old gospel song "I'll Fly Away!  Oh Glory!!" and some day I will!


I did not think I had even photographed this beautiful blue bird.  She was so fast, flitting here and there, but when I looked what the camera had captured, there she was in all of her glory!  What a glorious sight to behold!

A friend had given me the butterfly bush a few years ago, and I must say that this year is the most beautiful it has been.

This little gal just posed so gracefully for me!  I loved it.  Blessing the Lord for his marvelous love to me!

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