Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Box Full of Memories

It's just a plain old wooden box, but oh the memories and treasures it holds!
This is a picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day.  It was December of 1942.  Dad was home on leave and had to return to duty in three days.  They were married and then he left to go back to war.  

My mother was a keeper of our home, my greatest cheerleader, and an encourager to everyone.  When she passed she did not have a lot of earthly treasures, but a treasure of pictures, and little notes attached to meaningful things.  One such is the cameo brooch she wore on her wedding day.  Attached to that little box was a note that said "given to me by my dad 1936.  Worn at my wedding 1942."  

I am so very thankful now that even after all those many years my family can know the history of this little cameo and the meaning behind it.  She wore a navy blue dress for her wedding.  I wish I had a snippet of that fabric but it is long gone.  Dad, of course, wore his Navy blue uniform.
My mother was also a great baker.  The little wooden box has her treasure of handwritten recipes.  It is very comforting to me to be able to open the box and thumb through those many recipes.  It brings back a host of memories.  Pies and her famous Texas sheet cake were among favorites of our family.  

My mom and dad were older when they were married.  Mom was 37 when I was born.  I never felt like they were old, however.  They always made us feel loved.  At the age of 65, my dad ran a foot race with me. Pretty sure he won!
My sister and I were quite blessed to have the parents we did.  I am eternally grateful to my mom who led me to the Lord Jesus when I was just a child.  I am looking forward one day to seeing them both again!

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