Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Three Unique ways to display Your Basket Style

Baskets have always been one of my weaknesses. I have collected them over the years.  They make wonderful and unique packaging for handmade gifts of any sort. Your imagination is the limit.  You can find them easily at thrift stores usually for just a couple of dollars.  So the dilemma is, what do you do with baskets in the mean time?  I have placed them throughout our home in several locations.  The following pictures show three different ways how I display my basket style!  
This large wire basket was found at a local antique store.  It is perfect to house smaller baskets.  I have it sitting in front of a hand-painted folding screen.  It also makes a great accent piece in our dining room.  This hand painted cherry bowl sits atop the cluster of baskets.  I love little white lights.  A strand has been draped over the top of the baskets and the top of the screen.  

The lights and the berries cast a pretty glow on this side of the dining area of our kitchen.

On the other side of this room are the picnic baskets I have collected.  They are stacked one on another and then folk-art dolls sit atop.  I guess I am never to old to play with dolls!  Much of the blue pottery in this cabinet was made by my son.  

These baskets make great storage for different items in the dining room.  The basket on the table holds notepads, pens, and scissors.  Under the chalkboard is a basket full of chalk and the picnic baskets house candles, extra linens, and dishes.

A beam separates the family gathering room from the dining area.  To create a feeling of separation of the two rooms, baskets were hung across the length of this beam.  It is pretty effective in achieving the feeling of being two separate spaces.  Our home certainly is not brand new.  I have pretty much kept the same style, but it is me, and I like the cozy warm feel to our home.  The old hutch in this room came from an old-fashioned dry goods store. 

If you are a basket lover, how do you display your baskets?  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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