Monday, October 31, 2016

November~Leaving footprints

Time just marches on.  It is so hard to believe it is November.  The summer's warmth is behind us and we now prepare for the looming winter season.  But, there is November. A pause in the season to make a wonderful footprint. The month is fresh and one can choose a path to make a lasting one.

  Will it be a footprint of thankfulness?  Will it be a footprint of putting others first?   A footprint is just a small impression on this earth, and each one is unique, but it can impact someone for a lifetime.  
When I first started into Nursing, a wise person told me that "No one really cares how much you know, but they Know how much you care."  I have no idea who originated this quote, but I have tried to never forget it.

Thankfulness I truly believe must be practiced.  I have not always been grateful that is for sure!  Since retirement, I have truly been thankful for this season of life. Contentment is a joy beyond compare.

 There has been time to meditate on what is really important and there is time to say I love you, I am thinking about you, I miss you, what can I do to help you.  My footprint will never make a big impact in the world, but maybe just maybe, it will be an influence for positive in my own family and circle of friends. 

The harvest is over, but truly the labor has just begun.  Even in this, I am grateful.  I am truly thankful for the abundant harvest our area has experienced.  

Truck load after truck load of grain was brought to the elevator to help to feed this world.  The midwest has been called the bread-basket of the world and I do believe that is true.   Literally, hundreds of truck-loads of grain per day. 

Our garden was so productive this year and will help to defray food costs this winter.  I am very grateful for this.  I have not always been the best at saving.  Even in this season of life, there is much to learn and frugality is one of them.  

Truly this month I plan to practice gratefulness, frugality, and loving others more.

As November dawns, I would love to hear the footprints you plan to leave this month!

In closing, I will say how truly thankful for all of the blogging friends I have met along the way.  So far, never in person, but through writing and sharing it has been a wonderful experience!  Happy November!
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