Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Fruit of the Spirit~A Ladies Retreat

It has been a privilege again this year to design for the ladies retreat at our church here in Florida.  The chosen theme for the retreat is ''The fruit of the spirit."  Soft colors with a punch of black and a vintage feel are the choices for the creations.

A unique arrangement was desired with a small budget.  The local thrift store yielded some great treasures.  A wooden box and several books serve as the anchor for the design.  Vintage roses were painted onto each.  Fruit painted goblets were found, which were perfect for balancing the arrangement.  The goblet was turned upside down and then a paper doily was placed over the goblet.  Next, a vintage glass dish was turned to rest on the base of the goblet.    

The box or book was then placed atop the glass dish.  The box was filled with beautiful silk flowers.

A side view of the design.
A plate with perfect colors was also found and the local HomeGoods store had soap to complement the motif. 

I do so appreciate this opportunity and trust that these sweet ladies will truly be blessed!  

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