Friday, February 24, 2017

Simple Pleasures~How to make a color Palette

Simple pleasures can come from any source.  Such as this beautiful hibiscus flower.  It's beauty only lasts for a day.  What glorious color and beauty for 24 hours.  This beautiful show of color is certainly profound yet simple.  Wouldn't it be great to capture these colors in your home?  Maybe a color scheme for a room or maybe a paint project.

It is a study of beautiful art.  The blending of colors with its many shades of yellow, apricot, peach, orange, magenta, and white.

Did you notice the sweetly ruffled edges?  Streaks of white grace each petal to really make the color pop.  

These colors would make a great color palette, and guess what!! You can! PIC Monkey, a photo editor, has a program in which you can make your very own.  You can find the instructions here. Just take your favorite photo and give it a try!

The simple pleasure of this beautiful picture can now be used to make your own custom color palette.  Let the painting begin!

Wow!  I am so excited to learn this simple pleasure idea!  Trust you will be too. Now to take this pic to the local paint store... I can't wait to try it out. Stay tuned. We just can't improve on the beautiful palette of the master painter. 

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