Monday, February 14, 2011

Passionate Pursuit~Planning the Garden

I love to garden!  Whether it be flowers or vegetables it is a joy to plan and then see the fruit of the labor.  There is a great satisfaction in seeing the results.  However, a garden of any type does NOT just happen.  Planning on paper and in your mind is half the battle.  For Tea today, I gathered some of my favorite gardening books and magazines and dreamed a little bit over tea.

What better way to plan than with a cup of tea.  Surrounding myself with seed packets, magazines and books, I am ready to plan for the season ahead.  I am so looking forward to a beautiful season of flowers and vegetables.  I found this sweet little English cottage teapot in one of my favorite thrift stores.  I have had the little blue chintz tea cup and the dish was another sweet find.

I trust as spring approaches, you also will have a refreshing time over tea, planning and reflecting for what is to come. 
Thanks once again to Sandi for allowing me to participate in her wonderful Tea Time Tuesday!

Tea Time Tuesday
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