Friday, March 4, 2011

Use it up, make it do, or Wear it out and the Little pink Chair

I love the saying "Use it up-Wear it out-Make it do!"  This is the story of the little pink chair.  Once upon a time it was a beautiful new little chair.  It had a home where little girls and boys used it to sit and color and pretend with their dollies and toys.  It was a brown little chair.  Then those children grew to young men and women, and the little chair felt pretty lost.   It ended up in someone else's possession, who saw the potential that maybe someday once again a little girl would call it her very own.  It was painted a pretty soft pink.  Once again it was used by little girls to hold their dollies and play.  Now it holds a special place in my home.  I am sure my little granddaughters will once again enjoy the little pink chair. 

It is a great display for some other Make it do, wear it out, use it up items.  The pretty wreath sits atop a pillow made from old shirts.  I have loved to sew all of my life.  I had made my dad many shirts even as a young girl.  As a gift after my father no longer could wear the shirts, my mother surprised me with this pillow.  She had lovingly cut up the fabric into squares and made the pillow.  It is one of my prized possessions.  I always need to look beyond the intended use of an item to see if can be re-purposed.  Blessings to you and I trust you might have a little pink chair in your life.

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