Friday, June 26, 2015

Cottage Porch Solar Light

Since I have retired I have found myself  with a wee bit more time to do some projects that I enjoy. A blog called everyday home blog has instructions on how to make a solar garden lamp, which you can find on her site. Decided to try my version of it. Was fun to do and does put out a soft light at night. I was afraid the wind and rain might hurt it but it did not. I am always looking for frugal and cute projects to try. The clay pot was $3.50 at Dollar general. I got the plants half price at Bloom brothers in Terre Haute and the lamp shade 1.99 at Goodwill. The shade cover was a little child's bloomers which was cut to fit. (After washing of course LOL). The solar light I had and the PVC pipe was .99 cents.  For this light I used 18 inches of 1 inch PVC pipe. One other change to the previous directions was that I placed the end of the PVC pipe in a Styrofoam square before inserting it into the pot.  it held the pipe much more securely.  The dirt just did not seem like it would be sturdy enough to hold the lampshade upright without it leaning over.   I had a solar light from the garden.  I took off the light portion from the tube which it sits on and it fit perfectly into the top of the PVC pipe.  Gives our porch a new bit of color and then when the season is over I can just remove the pipe and the lampshade and store it for next summer!  (The cute bloomers were found at good will for $1.99. )  Please enjoy a few pics of this project!

This was a lot of fun to do and would encourage you to try one!  The only change I did make was I purchased a washer a bit smaller than the opening of the lamp shade and glued it to the lamp shade as well as the PVC pipe.  I then wrapped fabric around both pieces.  The wind and rain so far have not torn it .  Enjoy!!

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