Thursday, July 30, 2015

Presentation is everything! Gifting Homemade Pickles

A few posts ago I had made several jars of Lime pickles.  I want to give a jar as a gift.  I love to present things in an unexpected way so I decided that the pickles look like something that would go well with a barbecue.  When I think of a barbecue I think of Texas and western bandanas.

I chose a large red bandanna handkerchief.  Wal-Mart has them 2 for $1.00.  The first step is to sit the pickles with the cute gingham lid directly in the center of the bandanna.

Next take two opposite corners and tie them together and then do the same with the other sides, resting them on top of the lid.   I have a little granddaughter helper today!                                                                              

I chose three companion ribbons, a red and white stripe, a smaller red polka dot and lastly a black polka dot.  Cut approximately 24 inches of each ribbon to tie around the jar and to make the loops.  I varied the size of the ribbon I used.  

Tie the ribbons (all three around the jar neck.)  I tied mine with a knot so it would not slip out.

I then decided I wanted a denim handmade flower for the project.  I had an old pair of jeans and cut two strips 1 and 1/2 inches wide the width of one lower leg.  I also untied the loops of the bandanna on the top of the jar lid.

Twist the strips of denim sewing the underneath side as you go fashioning into a flower.  I then pinned the flower onto the knot of the ribbon and added a red polka dot center from the ribbon.  I took the two loops of bandanna on the side and tied them together and fluffed up the back ends of the bandanna.  The ribbon edges if you wish can be formed into loops and either glued together or sewn.  

I wanted a hang tag so we glued some burlap ribbon onto the front of a tag and then added ribbon.  This can be to your own liking.  On the sides we penned "Homemade Pickles" with a black marker.  

It was fun creating this with my little granddaughter!  She wanted to make a different tag so you will see two different ones in the pics.  Thanks for looking and happy gifting your own garden blessings!

What a surprise it was to see The Charm of Home had featured my post on her site!  Thank you Sherry!  I am linking to her site for Home Sweet Home with this post.  Also linking to My Romantic Home: Show and Tell Friday

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