Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Miss Sadie The Front Porch Pumpkin Lady!

Miss Sadie the Pumpkin Lady bids everyone a Welcome and a happy Fall!  She sits so sweetly on her little green vintage chair just awaiting that visitor to Quaker Hill Farm!

She is so bashful and shy!  She did not know if she wanted to turn orange or cry!
She gathered her thoughts and decided to become a beautiful white pumpkin just for me!
She assembled her flowers to look so serene a pansy, a daisy, and mums all three!

One was hung high the others very low just the right touch and on she must go!

A purple pansy was a must you see because it was really cheap and Sadie likes anything free!

Her attire was made with just her in mind for the cold autumn nights she will look so very fine!  A fascinator hat sits atop her head. Made with love for which she said thank you now and go on to bed.

Since she is a pumpkin you know, her hat is the finest straw that will grow.  It just as pretty as can be filled with flowers, and apple, and even some leaves.  Her sweater is the finest Burgundy color her scarf matches her hat and her color!

What a fine lady she turned out to be and she asked for a white pumpkin to sit at her knee.

She was to discover that white was definitely her color!

But still when someone comes on the porch she turns her head and starts to blush!

I tell her they mean no harm they have just come to visit Quaker Hill Farm!  A silly little verse but hope you enjoy! 

Blessings this day, Lynn
A few more pics of Sadie the Pumpkin Lady


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