Monday, November 9, 2015

All Things Thrifty!

I love designer trash cans and I love the color aqua and a pretty orange together.  (Second only to Red!)  Given this combination I started looking for ideas to make one that satisfied the color and design concept i wanted.  Pinterest provided lots of ideas.  This is my rendition.  This is a 30 gallon trash can spray painted with a pretty aqua color.  I made an apron effect out of a designer fabric from Joan fabrics which was on sale for 60% off!  

The fabric was tied tightly around the top edge of the can.  A heavy weight plastic was cut to fit the inside of the can and a lip made to go over the edge of the can to help with soiling.  This plastic was fit to the inside of the can.  The curtain which can be seen at the top of the can was a thrift find.  It was a table cloth which was lined with a designer fabric from Joan fabrics for the same deep discount.  

A thrifty can was made which satisfied my love of this color combo.

All of these things are for our home away from home!  To outfit this home a trip to the local thrift store was in order!  I just love these trips.  They can yield some amazing deals.  I was able to find this couch and the pillows for very little.  It satisfies the red love and fits in very well with the aqua, reds, and other bright colors in this home.  

Loving to decorate and thankful for thrift stores.  Great finds can be just waiting to make that room special and your own!  

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