Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Village Walk Garden Club Tour and Florida flowers

I recently had the privilege of attending the Village Walk Garden Club tour.  It was a beautiful HOT winter day in south Florida.  The colors were vibrant and the gardens were beautiful.  This was the first time our community and hosted this event.  It was great fun learning about the Flowers of Florida and hints on growing them.  The above picture was one of the tour homes with the hosts guiding the visitors on the tour.
This was a lovely lanai patio.  The owners had literally dug up their entire lanai and planted flowers and had made a tropical paradise.  The large sea shell fountain was beautiful.

Here was another great idea.  The owners had planted Bromeliads and orchids in the bark of their palm tree!  It was beautiful.  
There were many beautiful gardens!  It was a real feast for the eyes.

On our own lanai, I am still learning how best to grow flowers and plants.  Flowers which grow well in Indiana do not grow the same in Florida.  I have discovered that coffee grounds work well with the tomato plants in Florida.  

 In one corner of our lanai, I have built a flower bed.  This picture is just when the plants were put in the ground, so it will take awhile to see some growth.

We built a plant stand out of wooden crates to visually create some dimension.  Of course it had to be painted in my fav color of RED!  

Each area of this great country certainly has its own beauty!  We planted some new flowers in front of the lanai, so I am sure by the time we go back to Florida they will be having great growth!  Thanks for looking and enjoy the beauty of the day, Lynn

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