Friday, May 13, 2016

A Touch of French Farmhouse in the Country

It all started with an Aldi Frappuccino bottle!  In my quest to reuse what is in my hand, these bottles fit just perfectly in the old tool carrier, which belonged to my dad.

The handmade rose was from another project and now enjoys helping to give the converted oil lamp a new look. 

The cost of this project was basically 0 with the reuse.  The tool caddy is a treasure.  The little milk bottles fit perfectly inside each cubby hole and with the pink light bulb in the oil lamp they cast such a pretty glow.

The white Azalea bush outside our front porch is so pretty right now.  It makes such a pretty backdrop for my touch of French decor.


The clematis adds interest to the scene...

I just love how the old never goes out of style!  We can just re purpose it to fit what our lives are at this moment!  


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